Random math equations in background, picture of Tom with words "What you did not learn in your 6 sigma class" and a ninja

What You Did NOT Learn in Your 6 Sigma Class

Becoming Sherlock The first thing you did not learn was: 1) How to look for contrast. Contrast is always a problem solver’s best friend! If you are able to find significant contrast between your problematic parts or processes vs. the good ones, you have almost everything you need to solve the problem! 6 Sigma training…

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Shows a pegboard wall full of well organized tools. In front of it is a profile of a man with arrows pointing around a circle indicating his way of thinking is being transformed... ie. cultural transformation

Cultural Transformation in Your Company

Cultural Transformation in Your Company Today’s topic is cultural transformation. If you want to transform the entire culture of your company, the first thing you need is a clear vision. If you don’t have a vision others can follow or a mission statement, your company’s culture will not automatically change for the better. Or if…

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