Training & Coaching in Problem Solving Techniques

We cannot stress enough the value of having your own in-house problem solving experts!

Contact us today to have Tom train your engineers in cutting edge problem solving techniques.  This invaluable training will save your company valuable time and money both now and in the future!

Shows a pegboard wall full of well organized tools. In front of it is a profile of a man with arrows pointing around a circle indicating his way of thinking is being transformed... ie. cultural transformation
Cultural Transformation

Change the culture of your plant to implement and embrace lean manufacturing strategies and techniques.  Streamline your processes!  Cut costs!  Improve productivity!

Management Consulting

Excellence in manufacturing starts with excellent leadership!

We provide management consulting to empower you to achieve goals effectively and efficiently. Prepare to boost your bottom line like never before!

Distance Coaching

Simply explain your problem. If the circumstances allow it, we would be happy to create a custom plan of action for you, without ever stepping foot into your facility!  Schedule a phone call or video chat and let’s get you started in the right direction… NOW!

911 Emergency Problem Solving

No time for training?  Need your problem solved NOW?  A Lightning Problem Solving expert will show up on site to get your problem under control, Lightning Fast!

Certification in Lightning Problem Solving Techniques

Live on the edge… the cutting edge!

Ditch outdated problem-solving methods and become a Mastermind of Lightning Problem Solving Techniques!

Contact us today and get